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Who am I...

I was born in Mumbai, India and adopted by a loving family in Denmark. I have been raised happily and loving by my Danish Family. My parents had three biological children before I came to Denmark when I was 8 1/2 months old. Still, throughout my life, people frequently ask “how is it to be an adopted child?”. In 2016 I therefore decided to write about my personal journey and published my first book One Voice Empowering Life Lessons About Adoption

I believe that my book is valuable, not only for adopted children and their families but also for couples/singles considering this path. As an Adoption Life Coach I am now dedicating my life to helping adopted children and parents alike, using a combination of NLP coaching techniques and ‘Huna’, the ancient Hawaiian healing technique to increase spirituality and energy. I am passionate about inspiring people to live the lives they truly deserve, giving them the tools and confidence to transform their lives and find happiness and peace within themselves.

My personal story

I experienced first hand what it is like to grow up as an adopted child in a western society, being different in color and way of thinking. I experienced racism at school because I didn’t look like the other children.

In addition to this I suffered childhood trauma after being sexually assaulted at the age of 13. The combination of my negative experiences meant that throughout my teenage years I ended up seeking approval and acknowledgement in school, then subsequently in jobs and in relationships. 

This happened despite my wonderful Danish adoptive family who gave me plenty of love every day. I was afraid of being rejected or getting hurt. It took me many years to overcome my lack of self-worth and to find my true self and it has made me passionate about helping others overcome their own personal challenges.

“I have learned how to love myself, accept myself and become my true self. I have found my inner voice and my calling in life.”

I have had the privilege of serving in both academic and humanitarian arenas with different internationally renowned organizations such as: Robbins Research International, Anthony Robbins Foundation, UNICEF, UN World Summit for Social Development and UN Fourth World Conference on Women. The last 3 years I have worked as a personal assistant for Craig Richards, a mentor who has worked for Tony Robbins for the past 23 years. Together we are changing, helping and mentoring graduates from Unleash the Power Within. 

I continue to learn and grow by attending seminars and diving into various training programs on personal development. I have been on numerous training courses and received many diplomas and certificates to become an expert in my field of Adoption. In additions I have attended 22 seminars from Tony Robbins such as Unleash the Power within, Business Mastery, Date with Destiny and Leadership Academy to learn and grow. 

Training, Diplomas and Certifications

  • NLP – Integrative Practitioner
  • Huna Level 1 The Ancient Hawaiian Art & Science of Healing and Spiritual Development from The Empowerment Partnership with Dr. Matt James
  • Master Coach Training Course with Tony and Nicki Vee
  • Business Coaching, Probana Business School
  • Limitless from One World Academy – Awaken your inner power Ananda Giri
  • Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner
  • Advanced Ho’oponopono practitioner Hawaiian Ancient healing technique to release negative energy and mental blocks with Joe Vitale