Mastery your shadow

The shadow is all you think is not you. It is the qualities we deny in our selves. The shadow is everything that we do not accept as being in the self.

The ego casts the shadow and you dont want to get rit of the ego because it has an important purpose. The idea is not to get rit of the shadow either because it has important purpose too.

The shadow is something you need to acknowledge and reconcile. The shadow is equal and opposite reaction to the personality. And the ego is the sum total of your personality. Ex. if we are extroverted the shadow is introverted. The shadow is always a counterbalancing position to the personality.

Ex. the higher self is already balanced by nature. Balance is the role of the unconsciousness. The unconsciousness seeks balance for the conscious ego and personality. Anything that you are not consciously aware of becomes unconscious. In order to create balance, the unconscious mind has to place those unconscious qualities out there as the shadow. The shadow comes from the unconscious and is resolved in the unconscious.

The extreme of the shadow is related to the level of denial not the extreme nature of what is being denied.

5 phases:

Phase one the shadow is outside of you and this is characterized by the emotion of fear. Anger is also possible, as a mask to the fear.

Phase two is like we have been infiltrated which means you have seen the enemy and now the enemy is within a close proximity.

Phase three is where we face and conflict between our values that we have held dear and that new set of values presented by the shadow…this challenges our present world. We get to this stage by examine the traits in others and realizing that those same traits lie within us as well. We know the traits are in us because we project them out.

Phase four you will finally become aware of that you have been projecting onto other people all this time for being such an enemy in your life. Now we feel bad because we realize it has been you all along. You know you are in this phase when you are experiencing guilt. You have to forgive yourself and you have to forgive others. And you got to let go of the guilt.

Phase fifth is where you are at the final of the shadow resolution and that is when you just see love in everyone and accept everything on a different level. Everthing is valid and has its place. You see that everyone can have their own belief system, their own value system in that area. By integrating the extreme opposite values or extreme opposite beliefs, by reconciling them and integrating them, you are integrating the shadow, absorbing the learnings, and finding that your position has changed.

If we want to integrate the shadow we need to accept it as it is and recognize it. Own whatever emotion that is coming up. Integrating the shadow is going to enhance your own ability to be more Pono with yourself and to know where your boundaries are. Your ego is that which you believe you are and the light hitting the ego, casts a shadow, which is not you. It is that which you think you are not. The conscious mind wants to rationalize and think things through, the unconscious mind wants to work it through the emotions.

The shadow cycle means when one shadow is resolved then a new one will show up. So there’s a cycling that occurs between those last three stages. You resolve one conflict and it is gone and then you will see the next one. You might feel like you are spiraling through the shadow in the context over and over and start to question it. Are you spiraling up or down? Do you feel like that your cycle is moving up towards higher consciousness? Or are you spiraling the drain. Sometimes it might feels like you are resolving the same shadow just another facet of that experience.

Dr. Matt James Empowerment Partnership

How an old ancient Hawaiian wisdom can help you connecting to become who you are…

I just came back from my first trip to Hawaii which has been a dream of my life since I remember.
A magnificent trip to the Big Island of Hawaii a completely spoiled nature and so powerful by having 5 volcanos on its island. 
The energies of Hawaii is so powerful that you can feel the heat and energies in your hands even in the ocean and the ocean of Hawaii has a healing effect on your body.
I decided to go to Hawaii to spend 9 days with Dr, Matt James who teaches the ancient science of energy, consciousness and life, Huna -empower to discover who we are and how we live.
We learn to embrace the nature and the universal spirit on a much higher level.
I did not know what Hawaii meant when I arrived to the island. Ha means breath…wai means water or life-force so Hawaii means The supreme life force that rides on the breath.
A powerful name for a powerful spiritual culture.
Huna is ancient system of integrated energy work, psychology and spirituality. It helps you to connect within yourself and on a consciousness level.
I feel Huna takes you on a journey inside of your body, mind and spirit and balance up any imbalances and connect you with your higher self.
Being in Hawaii and 9 days with Dr. Matt has changed my life in the direction of being truly who I am and connecting with my inner child feeling joy and love, appreciating the nature and earth in a different deeper way.
So many teachings, learnings and exercises during those days has created a more true me and true identity of myself.
Being able to truly connect with the 4 elements earth, water, fire and air feeling the power and energy of each elements feels so powerful.

Why it is important to have goals in life

A more than 10 year old dream came through for me this month September 2018. I am in Hawaii in  the Pacific Ocean for a Huna Event with DrMatt James.
Before I left some people ask me what are you going to do in Hawaii? I answered I am going to a Huna Event mindfulness event. So I want to share my journey here in this Island.
Even the TSA agent ask me in Frankfurt what I was going to do in Hawaii I explained to her mindfullness she didn’t know what I meant, even her facial expression in her face showed she had no clue what I was talking about she just nodded her head and smiled at her and I was good to go and board.
The science of Huna means bring down that which is above by means of the light. To ascend take from darkness into the light that which is below by means of the light.
This will transform the spiritual energy as it flows from the source and integrates all the islands inside you, giving peace.
This will affect you profoundly and change your life bringing illumination and you will feel the delightful supreme fire,
Huna means in Hawaiian To make Energy, Chi, Life Force to empower. Huna a secret, spiritual, concealed knowledge and wisdom. Until this moment I didn’t know what Hawaii means The Supreme Life Force that rides on breath, kind of powerful and beautiful.
In Hawaii they have The Five Elements not 4 as we usually know: Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Space and we have learned how to connect into all 5 elements both internal and external.
So being here has been a dream for me in many years. I guess it has taking me 46 years to be ready to go there and I know in my heart that, I am here at the right time for the right reason for where I am in my life right now.
A lovely Tony Robbins friend of mine Richard and his wife Victoria I met at Date with Destiny they shared shortly before the event started that have been doing all Tony Robbins event, DrMatts NLP Training then Huna Event is kind of bringing it all together into one piece.
I always known that I was supposed to go to Hawaii someday I just never knew why but I have always felt connected to Hawaii. If you believe in reinkarnation I truly believe I lived in Hawaii before in my previous lives.
It might sounds weird for some people I know and don’t know that Hawaii for me means to become complete grounded with myself and everything that is going on in my life and what I want in my life.
Also, I am a very outgoing person and love to be out there in the world but most important I need to feel peace and grounded within myself which I feel is being fulfilled here in Hawaii by learning all the ancient teaching and wisdom from Hawaii.
It is so important that any human being is having goals and dreams and make them come through, we are so busy in the everyday to do practical stuff that we forget to set an intention for what we want in life and where we want to go with our lives.
Having a dream and a goal is like feeding your spirit and your soul. It is important for us to feel a live and living our purpose why we are here on this planet.
I am so grateful that my trip became a reality and I am now here in Hawaii exploring and experience the power and life force of Hawaii.
I am so grateful to be staying in our Airbnb with Valen, Nikki and Lynn we are having so much fun together. Thank you ladies for bringing us together.
Thank you Thank you Thank you….
Best regards,
Ranjanna Mariia Hvenegaard
Adoption Life Coach

How racism and bullying can effect a child for lifetime – I truly believe if you speak from a place of love racism and bullying wouldn’t exist in this world

How Racism And Bullying can effect a child for lifetime….

Did you know that every 5th adopted child in Denmark are experiencing some kind of racism when they are growing up as child.
Did you know that every 8th child in Denmark are experiencing some kind of bullying,
In the USA 3.2 million children are experiencing some kind of bullying in school and when they are growing up as a child. I do not have the exact number of adopted children in the USA who are experiencing racism.
Do you have any idea of how this is effecting a child for lifetime when other children are doing this to other children and it saddens my heart when this is happening to a child.
I want to share my own story and what happened when I was in college. One day my English teacher got mad a me of some reason in the classroom one day in school.
Her and husband used to live in India because her husband used to work there as a diplomat.
“She told me Ranjanna”, you have to go back to India where you belong to you do not belong here in Denmark for who you are and what you are doing.
I was totally in shock when she said it and didn’t know what to say and what to do about what she said I just knew it was wrong what she said.
My classmate who was a witness we went to our school counselor to share what happened that day. The counselor started crying as I remember she was so shocked.
The school didn’t do anything about it and unfortunately I didn’t share it with my parents until years later I kept for myself. I think because I was embarrassed. I remember my father got pretty upset when I told my parents what happened.
The next year my grades dropped dramatically because I lost my confidence in myself, believe in studying and I lost the interest in studying further into the University I totally lost the believe in myself.
So it is so important that you teach your children about how to respect others and how to threat other children no matter where they are from, what color they are or what religion they are believing in.
I truly believe that when we speak from a place of love then bullying and racism wouldn’t exist in this world.
So what CAN I do about it or what can we do about it? My intention is to next year to got out to schools and speak about bullying racism and adoption.
We need to create more awareness about this to preventing people to get bullied or experience racism.
I also remember my first job interview after college for a real-estate company in Denmark “Home”. I had to pass a test to able to work with them as a student.
I went to pass the test. They told that I was the ONLY One who pass the test. What happen next they told we just have to figure out when you could start she just needed to speak with her manager.
The following day I got a denial. What I found out from the employment agency who send me there, it was because, I was not white they would not hire me….!
Funny today my biggest wish is to become a real estate agent and always wished.
Life is unpredictable and you never know what challenges you will experience in life.
I want to change this world for the children who are experiencing some kind of bullying or racism it should not be or exist in the world we are living in now.
Children, adult and people should learn to speak the language of love and coming from the heart you would never cause any harm to any other human being.
Love and peace…
Ranjanna Mariia Hvenegaard
Adoption Life Coach


Why I became an Adoption Life Coach


Why I became an Adoption Life Coach

My name is Ranjanna Mariia Hvenegaard and I am adopted from Mumbai in India in 1972. I have been raised happily and loving by a Danish Family. My parents had three biological children before they adopted me. I came to Denmark when I was 8 1/2 months old. 

Throughout my life, people frequently ask “how is it to be an adopted child?”. So in 2016 I published my first book One Voice Empowering Life Lessons About Adoption. I am sharing my journey as an adopted child and truly believe that my book are valuable for not only adopted children and their families and but also for couples/singles considering this path.

Writing my book has been a journey of rediscovering my life with new and different eyes. It has been a journey with a lot of tears, pouring through the experiences of my life. While writing, I found myself falling back in tine, reliving events as I re-experienced them, feeling as I did then and writing as I felt. I have climbed Mount Everest throughout my life and now facing the summit seeing the light and fruits, I can say I am very proud of myself I was able to write this book. Becoming “Who You Are” is a lifelong effort that requires letting go of old limiting beliefs, past stories you once told yourself. It requires forgiveness from past relationships and events,   

My goal and purpose of my blog is to share, inspire and encourage other to change their life and be their own voice, Live their life path and find the courage to fulfill their destinies. I have dedicated my life to help other adopted children and parents a like, inspiring them to live the lives they truly deserve. I am resource for the adoption community worldwide and I am an Adoption Transformation specialist, speaker and coach, 

I hope that sharing my own true story with other adopted children, they will be able to save years of suffering, pain and limiting beliefs and to stay focused on the present and the future, rather than the past. It is an enormous gift being adopted into the world we are living in today. Take that gift and use it to empower yourself and other people to find the passion we all desire and deserve to have in our lives. 

Best regards, 

Ranjanna Mariia Hvenegaard                                                                                                                                                                                  

Adoption Life Coach