How an old ancient Hawaiian wisdom can help you connecting to become who you are…

I just came back from my first trip to Hawaii which has been a dream of my life since I remember.
A magnificent trip to the Big Island of Hawaii a completely spoiled nature and so powerful by having 5 volcanos on its island. 
The energies of Hawaii is so powerful that you can feel the heat and energies in your hands even in the ocean and the ocean of Hawaii has a healing effect on your body.
I decided to go to Hawaii to spend 9 days with Dr, Matt James who teaches the ancient science of energy, consciousness and life, Huna -empower to discover who we are and how we live.
We learn to embrace the nature and the universal spirit on a much higher level.
I did not know what Hawaii meant when I arrived to the island. Ha means breath…wai means water or life-force so Hawaii means The supreme life force that rides on the breath.
A powerful name for a powerful spiritual culture.
Huna is ancient system of integrated energy work, psychology and spirituality. It helps you to connect within yourself and on a consciousness level.
I feel Huna takes you on a journey inside of your body, mind and spirit and balance up any imbalances and connect you with your higher self.
Being in Hawaii and 9 days with Dr. Matt has changed my life in the direction of being truly who I am and connecting with my inner child feeling joy and love, appreciating the nature and earth in a different deeper way.
So many teachings, learnings and exercises during those days has created a more true me and true identity of myself.
Being able to truly connect with the 4 elements earth, water, fire and air feeling the power and energy of each elements feels so powerful.

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