How racism and bullying can effect a child for lifetime – I truly believe if you speak from a place of love racism and bullying wouldn’t exist in this world

How Racism And Bullying can effect a child for lifetime….

Did you know that every 5th adopted child in Denmark are experiencing some kind of racism when they are growing up as child.
Did you know that every 8th child in Denmark are experiencing some kind of bullying,
In the USA 3.2 million children are experiencing some kind of bullying in school and when they are growing up as a child. I do not have the exact number of adopted children in the USA who are experiencing racism.
Do you have any idea of how this is effecting a child for lifetime when other children are doing this to other children and it saddens my heart when this is happening to a child.
I want to share my own story and what happened when I was in college. One day my English teacher got mad a me of some reason in the classroom one day in school.
Her and husband used to live in India because her husband used to work there as a diplomat.
“She told me Ranjanna”, you have to go back to India where you belong to you do not belong here in Denmark for who you are and what you are doing.
I was totally in shock when she said it and didn’t know what to say and what to do about what she said I just knew it was wrong what she said.
My classmate who was a witness we went to our school counselor to share what happened that day. The counselor started crying as I remember she was so shocked.
The school didn’t do anything about it and unfortunately I didn’t share it with my parents until years later I kept for myself. I think because I was embarrassed. I remember my father got pretty upset when I told my parents what happened.
The next year my grades dropped dramatically because I lost my confidence in myself, believe in studying and I lost the interest in studying further into the University I totally lost the believe in myself.
So it is so important that you teach your children about how to respect others and how to threat other children no matter where they are from, what color they are or what religion they are believing in.
I truly believe that when we speak from a place of love then bullying and racism wouldn’t exist in this world.
So what CAN I do about it or what can we do about it? My intention is to next year to got out to schools and speak about bullying racism and adoption.
We need to create more awareness about this to preventing people to get bullied or experience racism.
I also remember my first job interview after college for a real-estate company in Denmark “Home”. I had to pass a test to able to work with them as a student.
I went to pass the test. They told that I was the ONLY One who pass the test. What happen next they told we just have to figure out when you could start she just needed to speak with her manager.
The following day I got a denial. What I found out from the employment agency who send me there, it was because, I was not white they would not hire me….!
Funny today my biggest wish is to become a real estate agent and always wished.
Life is unpredictable and you never know what challenges you will experience in life.
I want to change this world for the children who are experiencing some kind of bullying or racism it should not be or exist in the world we are living in now.
Children, adult and people should learn to speak the language of love and coming from the heart you would never cause any harm to any other human being.
Love and peace…
Ranjanna Mariia Hvenegaard
Adoption Life Coach


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