Mastery your shadow

The shadow is all you think is not you. It is the qualities we deny in our selves. The shadow is everything that we do not accept as being in the self.

The ego casts the shadow and you dont want to get rit of the ego because it has an important purpose. The idea is not to get rit of the shadow either because it has important purpose too.

The shadow is something you need to acknowledge and reconcile. The shadow is equal and opposite reaction to the personality. And the ego is the sum total of your personality. Ex. if we are extroverted the shadow is introverted. The shadow is always a counterbalancing position to the personality.

Ex. the higher self is already balanced by nature. Balance is the role of the unconsciousness. The unconsciousness seeks balance for the conscious ego and personality. Anything that you are not consciously aware of becomes unconscious. In order to create balance, the unconscious mind has to place those unconscious qualities out there as the shadow. The shadow comes from the unconscious and is resolved in the unconscious.

The extreme of the shadow is related to the level of denial not the extreme nature of what is being denied.

5 phases:

Phase one the shadow is outside of you and this is characterized by the emotion of fear. Anger is also possible, as a mask to the fear.

Phase two is like we have been infiltrated which means you have seen the enemy and now the enemy is within a close proximity.

Phase three is where we face and conflict between our values that we have held dear and that new set of values presented by the shadow…this challenges our present world. We get to this stage by examine the traits in others and realizing that those same traits lie within us as well. We know the traits are in us because we project them out.

Phase four you will finally become aware of that you have been projecting onto other people all this time for being such an enemy in your life. Now we feel bad because we realize it has been you all along. You know you are in this phase when you are experiencing guilt. You have to forgive yourself and you have to forgive others. And you got to let go of the guilt.

Phase fifth is where you are at the final of the shadow resolution and that is when you just see love in everyone and accept everything on a different level. Everthing is valid and has its place. You see that everyone can have their own belief system, their own value system in that area. By integrating the extreme opposite values or extreme opposite beliefs, by reconciling them and integrating them, you are integrating the shadow, absorbing the learnings, and finding that your position has changed.

If we want to integrate the shadow we need to accept it as it is and recognize it. Own whatever emotion that is coming up. Integrating the shadow is going to enhance your own ability to be more Pono with yourself and to know where your boundaries are. Your ego is that which you believe you are and the light hitting the ego, casts a shadow, which is not you. It is that which you think you are not. The conscious mind wants to rationalize and think things through, the unconscious mind wants to work it through the emotions.

The shadow cycle means when one shadow is resolved then a new one will show up. So there’s a cycling that occurs between those last three stages. You resolve one conflict and it is gone and then you will see the next one. You might feel like you are spiraling through the shadow in the context over and over and start to question it. Are you spiraling up or down? Do you feel like that your cycle is moving up towards higher consciousness? Or are you spiraling the drain. Sometimes it might feels like you are resolving the same shadow just another facet of that experience.

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