How to find your own identity by visiting the country where you are from…

Finding Your Own Identity as an Adopted

As an adopted you have 2 identities usually one from the country you are from and one from the country where you are living. 
Some adoptees do not want to go back to the countries where they are from because they are afraid and some are feeling spoiled between the two cultures and countries, 
I remember I had the exact same feeling I felt so different and the same time I looked Indian and was Danish. Due to some events in my life it took me years to take the courage to visit India where I am from. I was honestly so scared of going back as I felt they would reject me because of how I was looking Scandinavian and not Indian at all and how it would be to meet your own original culture background.
Back in 2006 I went to India with my adopted parents. We had the most amazing trip together. By visiting India made me feel so home and not different at all. I felt peace.  
So, if there are any adopted parents out there reading this post I suggest you to be patient with your adopted child and let them get ready emotionally for the trip by meeting their own roots and see where they are from.
I truly believe it is extremely important to go back to the country where you are from and it will also help you understand your own identity. Sometimes the missing brick is falling into place after visiting the country where you are from. The brick you have been looking for your whole life. 
Love and peace…. 
Ranjanna Mariia Hvenegaard
Adoption Life Coach