Why it is important to have goals in life

A more than 10 year old dream came through for me this month September 2018. I am in Hawaii in  the Pacific Ocean for a Huna Event with DrMatt James.
Before I left some people ask me what are you going to do in Hawaii? I answered I am going to a Huna Event mindfulness event. So I want to share my journey here in this Island.
Even the TSA agent ask me in Frankfurt what I was going to do in Hawaii I explained to her mindfullness she didn’t know what I meant, even her facial expression in her face showed she had no clue what I was talking about she just nodded her head and smiled at her and I was good to go and board.
The science of Huna means bring down that which is above by means of the light. To ascend take from darkness into the light that which is below by means of the light.
This will transform the spiritual energy as it flows from the source and integrates all the islands inside you, giving peace.
This will affect you profoundly and change your life bringing illumination and you will feel the delightful supreme fire,
Huna means in Hawaiian To make Energy, Chi, Life Force to empower. Huna a secret, spiritual, concealed knowledge and wisdom. Until this moment I didn’t know what Hawaii means The Supreme Life Force that rides on breath, kind of powerful and beautiful.
In Hawaii they have The Five Elements not 4 as we usually know: Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Space and we have learned how to connect into all 5 elements both internal and external.
So being here has been a dream for me in many years. I guess it has taking me 46 years to be ready to go there and I know in my heart that, I am here at the right time for the right reason for where I am in my life right now.
A lovely Tony Robbins friend of mine Richard and his wife Victoria I met at Date with Destiny they shared shortly before the event started that have been doing all Tony Robbins event, DrMatts NLP Training then Huna Event is kind of bringing it all together into one piece.
I always known that I was supposed to go to Hawaii someday I just never knew why but I have always felt connected to Hawaii. If you believe in reinkarnation I truly believe I lived in Hawaii before in my previous lives.
It might sounds weird for some people I know and don’t know that Hawaii for me means to become complete grounded with myself and everything that is going on in my life and what I want in my life.
Also, I am a very outgoing person and love to be out there in the world but most important I need to feel peace and grounded within myself which I feel is being fulfilled here in Hawaii by learning all the ancient teaching and wisdom from Hawaii.
It is so important that any human being is having goals and dreams and make them come through, we are so busy in the everyday to do practical stuff that we forget to set an intention for what we want in life and where we want to go with our lives.
Having a dream and a goal is like feeding your spirit and your soul. It is important for us to feel a live and living our purpose why we are here on this planet.
I am so grateful that my trip became a reality and I am now here in Hawaii exploring and experience the power and life force of Hawaii.
I am so grateful to be staying in our Airbnb with Valen, Nikki and Lynn we are having so much fun together. Thank you ladies for bringing us together.
Thank you Thank you Thank you….
Best regards,
Ranjanna Mariia Hvenegaard
Adoption Life Coach

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